Hear, See, Smell, Taste the OCEAN

Designed by Us for You

Growing up in the UK with an idyllic farm-life childhood, all my dreams have come together with this magical property. As a custodian of this magnificent place for under a decade, I’ve embraced the property’s heritage and the previous owners’ signature, which is the name, Rongotai, a Maori phrase translating to ‘Hear, See, Smell, Taste the OCEAN’.

Living on this beautiful and inspiring property, we seize the ethos of living simply, sustainably and fully. The space and charm provides a hub for family, for creating, for living, for busyness, for dreams, for hard work, for friends, for learning, for believing and for just being in nature. With the massive plus of the ocean and ever changing, breathtaking vistas of course!

Your Retreat

An idea is born

The seeds for The Inverloch Glamping Co were sown with visits from family members and the rise of a new accommodation adventure called glamping, which was still in its relative infancy in Australia. Combined with our desire to share the allure of the property and create a place for others to enjoy its fruitful wonders, we had the brilliant idea to begin the business in 2016!

A vision is created

Before plans began, we needed to ask ourselves some important questions.

How can we provide a truly unique glamping experience for guests, where they can switch off from a busy world, connect with the natural surrounds, retreat to their luxurious abode, and create memorable moments?

How can we build this in what is historically a farming area?

Which travellers do we think it will appeal to?

Will our glamping business fit in Inverloch? Will the community embrace it?

Encouragement and wise words from my home-land gave me the courage, strength and the simple belief to make this beautiful glamping destination happen. Where there’s a will there’s a way and there is no such word as can’t!

Let the build begin

In 2017 building began on the property. Transforming a livestock paddock into a full-facility resort, we consciously kept a light footprint on the property, ensuring always that we adhered to our simple and sustainable ethos. While this came with its own set of hurdles and bumps, we took strength from the environment, and planted thousands of natives plants to create screenings, windbreaks, gardens, food and wildlife habits.

Welcoming Guests

As the project neared completion, it was lovely to take on the (very enjoyable) task of decorating, furnishing and crafting.

Watching our dreams unfold, and The Inverloch Glamping Co emerge, we opened our doors and booked in our first guests in early 2019.

Fast forward to today and we are very proud to have thoughtfully designed and built a luxury glamping destination for the adventurous traveller, the romantic couple or a weekend away with friends.

Welcome to The Inverloch Glamping Co, your place to unplug, relax and revitalise. Giving you the amazing and fun elements of camping, we take away the hard work and ensure you have everything you need, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy yourself.


Dreams of the future

We hope to soon host a range of events and workshops.

We want to create a place to showcase and share our ideas and produce. A place to inspire, connect and enjoy all of the region’s beauty and wonders. A place to create memories. A place that gives you space to breathe.



Simple, Sunstainable, Fulfilling

The Inverloch Glamping Co is an eco-friendly property. We provide each of our guests with personal service, to ensure your stay is extra special. Offering My Green Butler, the smart green holiday advisor, you receive a personalised itinerary upon your arrival, complete with tips, local knowledge and advice designed just for you. Through My Green Butler, we also recommend a number of eco-friendly ways to keep cooler or warmer in your tent or cabin, ensuring your stay is completely comfortable and restful.

Caring for our environment and implementing sustainable practices, we’re about the handmade; the doing, creating, gardening, growing produce and preserving. Bringing it all back to the fundamental principle of embracing our natural resources and the great outdoors, we add the special touches, aka the modern luxe comforts, to ensure you always enjoy a wholesome and delightful experience.

The place to stay, very luxurious with everything you need. Vanessa has gone above and beyond. A beautiful place.


80 Drowleys Rd